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Managing Consultant - Paul Digings

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We specialise in:

1) Troubleshooting

2) Kepner Tregoe

3) Problem Solving

4) Decision Making

5) Risk Analysis & Mitigation

With over 30 years computing experience including Unix/Linux, C & C++ and over 15 years of internet/intranet development including AWS, Java/Eclipse, ASP, XML/XSL, SQL server, Oracle, MySQL, IIS & Tomcat.

We can provide advice in the areas of development, support, integration, project-management and trouble-shooting.

Qualified  in Kepner-Tregoe, Six Sigma & ITIL (Practitioner - Release & Control).

We believe in Minimalism, Simplicity and KISS (Keep It Simple & Straightforward)

Projects with problems are often suffering from one or more of the following:

-          Trying to solve the wrong problem

-          Failing to do a proof of concept

-          Poor software engineering techniques

-          Wrong selection of system / tools

-          Failing to test migration strategy

-          Too much complexity all at once

-          Using unproven technology

It is when things are NOT going well that we can be extremely useful. We really enjoy helping projects to get back on track.


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